Registration And Login With Invitation Plugin for WordPress

Take full control of your WordPress site’s new accounts and security with the User Registration and Login plugin.

Take full control of your WordPress site’s new accounts and security with the User Registration and Login plugin

Powerful Features

Significantly improves the admin moderation and user experience during user login and registration with
moderated registration options, customized registration forms, social profile login capability,
improved user redirect controls, and much more.

Invitation Codes

Limit registration to users who have an invitation code. Choose the number of uses of each code.

User Role

Set which role (admin, subscriber) users will be assigned to after applying each invitation code.

Email Verification

Require users to verify email after registration. Improve security and avoid spammers and bots.


Redirection URL parameters

Redirect the user after login to their dashboard page, which includes a username in the URL.


Widgets can be used to place both user login and user registration boxes anywhere on your site.

Limit Registration from Specific IPs

Limit all logins attempts from a defined set of IP addresses, protecting your website.

Not convinced? There’s more!

Customizable Welcome Emails

Create a custom email to welcome new users to your site.

Custom Registration Form Builder

Add additional questions to your custom registration form based on the user role.

Facebook and Google+ User Login Registration

Let users register on your site using their Facebook or Google+ accounts.

One Page User Login and User Registration

Users can login or register from a pop-up registration box while staying on the same page after successful login or registration.

Invite Only User Registration

Admin can restrict WordPress user registration to invited members only.

Integration with Membership Plugins

Currently supports integration with external membership plugins such as S2 membership.

Accept Terms of Service

Choose whether to require visitors to accept your Terms of Service before completing registration by using an approval checkbox.

Time Restricted User Registration

Limit user registration invitation codes for a specific time period

Gravity Forms Support

Support using the CM Registration invitation codes together with Gravity forms.


Support Google reCAPTCHA in the user login and registration form to protect your WordPress site from spammers and bots.

Profile Builder

Our plugin provides a shortcode which can be placed in the user dashboard allowing them to edit their profile, including the use of custom user registration fields.


All login, registration, and password recovery features are supported by shortcodes which can be placed anywhere within your content.

Localization Support

All frontend labels can easily be changed to any language so the user interface will speak your language.

Double Email Verification

Require email verification after registration for added security. Choose if either one or two email accounts will receive activation links.

Advanced Registration and Login Shortcodes

All login and registration functionality is also supported using shortcode.


Each purchase comes with lifetime use of the plugin, plus 1 year of support and updates.

Video Gallery

Watch our video tutorials, to get better idea of the products features

Addons To Boost Your Plugin

Addons can be purchased separately, or are included inside the Deluxe and Ultimate plugin editions.

Payment Support

Charge users for registering to your page. Works withEDD and WooCommerce.

Approve New Users

Approve the registration of each user manually. Includes a notification system.

Bulk Email Invitations

Upload a list of emails and generate individual invitation codes for each user.

Great Deals on Plugin Bundles

Powerful yet affordable packages for even more functionality.

99+ Plugins Suite Package

Charge users for registering to you page. Works with EDD and WooCommerce.

Essential Admin Tools

Charge users for registering to you page. Works with EDD and WooCommerce.

Critical Security Tools

Charge users for registering to you page. Works with EDD and WooCommerce.

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All of these Plugins and more are included in our Yearly Membership plan!

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Lifetime Usage

The license includes 1 year of free support and updates. You can continue using the plugin indefinitely. To keep support and updates you need to extend the license, which costs 40% off the product price.

CreativeMinds Refund Policy

CreativeMinds wants customers to be completely happy with any product or service they buy from us. We stand behind our products 100%.

Answers to Your Questions

Do I have to pay annually?

No. Upon purchase, you receive lifetime access.

Do I get support and updates?

Yes. The plugins come with one year of support and updates. After that period, you can renew the license for 40% discount.

Do the plugins have documentation?

Yes. You can access it in the documentation page.

Can I receive help for installing/setting up?

We offer those services for a fee. Please get in touch with us to know more.

Can I install the plugin in more than one site?

No. Your license can only be active on one domain at a time. It’s possible to change the domain at any time (for example, if you use a local or development server). You can, however, acquire additional licenses with a discount. For that, please get in touch with us.